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ppt/.doc/.xls/.pdf/.jpeg files be viewed and even edited. It has an option to convert selected portions of images to vector format. How does it work? ----------------- MIMI (a misnomer for MIMIminimizer) handles images, tables, charts, graphics and Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF and image files. In addition to removing blank space, it also compresses file size by removing empty or redundant data such as fonts, border, and images. With its ease of use, users don't have to be computer experts to compress files. Instead of retyping or copying all image file locations, you simply point MIMI to the specific locations where the images or other files are saved. Folders containing files can be grouped to be compressed in either 'File' or 'Folder' mode. Folders can be grouped in batches, and all of the folders in the group will be compressed to a single file. The 'Folder' mode works better if the files are saved in groups. MIMI is not designed to compress several files saved in the same folder, or multiple folders. Because the files are saved in the same folder, MIMI cannot distinguish the source of different parts of the file. For example, if a file contains several images, MIMI will compress all the images, even if some of the images are different, or the images are compressed differently. The following are some of the features of MIMIminimizer: - MIMIminimizer is an image compression software, but it can also compress other types of files, such as Word, Excel, PDF, and image files. - MIMIminimizer is a stand-alone software, and does not need Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint installed. It can be launched from its own menu or directly from a file's shortcut or text. - MIMIminimizer is the most feature-rich file compressor in its class. - MIMIminimizer is easy to use. - MIMIminimizer offers various ways to search the file system and select files to compress. - MIMIminimizer is extremely fast, as it is very efficient when compressing large numbers of files. - MIMIminimizer is customizable



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Download Fileminimizer Suite Full Crack

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